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Body Waves

Esthetics & Tanning Salon


Get that golden, sexy tan in just minutes! Experience our indoor UV tanning services at Body Waves Esthetics & Tanning Salon in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. We have stand-up tanning booths as well as lay-down tanning beds to give you the ultimate comfort.


Drop In - $1.50 a minute

25 Minutes - $35.00

50 Minutes - $65.00

100 Minutes - $90.00

150 Minutes - $125.00

200 Minutes - $160.00

Walk-ins and appointments are available. We ensure all tanning beds are clean before and after your tan. Towels are provided for you. Eyewear is mandatory and must be worn while tanning.

Our Tanning Booths and Beds

12 Minute Max Lay down Tanning bed.

It has a curved acrylic for extra comfort.

It features 3 high powered facial bulbs, 

7 shoulder bulbs,

 and 40  160watt bulbs.

This bed gives beautiful dark tanning results.

12 minute max lay down tanning bed.

Our newest bed has a slightly curved acrylic for added comfort. 

It features 3 high powered facial bulbs, 

7 shoulder bulbs 

and 42  160 watt bulbs.

This bed delivers dark tanning results in a comfortable sleek design.

10 minute max stand up tanning booth.

Get the bronzed glowing tan you have always wanted.

This booth features 54 

200 watt bulbs. It offers a little bit of extra room for added comfort.  

Sure to get you a deep dark tan in just 10 minutes.

8 minute max stand up tanning booth.

With 49 long lamp 220watt bulbs its great for the client on the go, and offers a little extra height for those extra tall clients.

This booth is the quickest way to get your darkest bronzed tan.

Tanning Products

We offer a wide variety of indoor tanning product to help you achieve a rich dark luxurious tan.  

Tanning goggles are required and can be purchased at Body Waves they come in four fabulous colours. 

Disposable goggles are also available for purchase.  

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