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Foot Care 

We use disposable tub liners and disposable files.

All our tubs and tools are cleaned and disinfected with Preempt medical grade disinfectant between clients.

Come in and relax in our comfortable massage chairs while your feet soak in our pipless whirlpool pedicure tubs.


Mini Pedicure - $45.00

Gel Polish Mini Pedicure - $ 55.00

Spa Pedicure - $75.00

Gel Polish Spa Pedicure - $ 85.00


Pedicures not only make your feet look great but also keep them clean and healthy. It keeps your nails trimmed, prevents calluses, and turns your feet smooth and silky. Pedicures also involve foot massages which help relieve the stress and tension on your feet and legs. Whether it’s just for beauty or to address specific foot care problems, our staff can meet all your foot care needs.

Spa Pedicure

The ultimate pampering! After soaking your feet, your nails are trimmed and shaped. Callus removal and gentle exfoliating scrub are done to give the feet a soft, smooth appearance. Foot and leg massage is done with hydrating lotion and polish is applied.

Gel Polish Pedicure

Gel polish is a hybrid nail polish. It gives you the look of regular polish but lasts up to 2 weeks. It is applied like a polish but is cured under a light. It dries instantly so no more worrying about it dinging or smudging after application. After 2 weeks, it is soaked and re-applied with little to no damage to your natural nails.